Hi It’s Graeme Burnett here from Marquee Hire Auckland

If you are looking for marquee hire and a one stop supplier for your next celebration or event then you are in the right place.

I have an engineering background which is why I am known in the marquee hire industry for safe, structurally sound marquees. This should be a be a very important consideration for you in light of the recent mishaps with other companies with marquees collapsing.

If you want a clean modern marquee erected by professional staff on time and on budget then look no further. Our 20 years of experience in marquee hire, stage hire and party supplies means you get the right product, on time and professionally installed.

We can also arrange staging for small and large functions

We have  a full range of chairs and furniture  to suit the smallest to the largest venue.

Find out why our customers believe we are the best and most professional in the industry

Tips for improving your marquee hire experience.

1. Preparation is critical for hiring a marquee. the more information you give us about your event then the better we can serve you with your party hire and marquee hire.

2. If choosing a marquee hire company credibility is everything. It is not uncommon for marquees to collapse if they are erected incorrectly and this is dangerous and mots inconvenient. There is some engineering that goes into erecting a marquee and this is why a good supplier is critical. My background is engineering and design so rest assured that my marquees do not collapse and will be the solution for your next party or company event.

3. Planning. Planning your event can be very stressful and time consuming. we have been involved in this industry for many years and can help you plan your next event with ease. Because we have all the items you need for a social event we can be a one stop supplier saving you time and money. Marquees are just one part of the equation. You may want to consider flooring for your marquee to make your guests more comfortable and also hiring furniture from us plus your party hire supplies. We have seating for up to 3000 people so do not fear we can arrange everything for you.

4. Location. Plan your event so your clients or friends can get parking easily and can also leave easily. Also we encourage you as the host to be responsible and arrange buses for transport to make your guests safe.


Please contact me for a no obligation chat about your upcoming event.

Cheers, Graeme Burnett



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